Initial Measurements #

me + crystalartist/album
basic normalization1315/1043
tweaked normalization1298/1024
typo detection/string similarity1272/994
baseline (old typos)326/169
updated substitution315/166
made similarity neighborhood 10% (for draftpunk->daftpunk)313/166
info extraction from folder structure304/166
me + crystal + amyartist/album
baseline (no typos)1478/1141
found substitutions1436/1113
tweaked substitutions (handling of multiple alanis's, trance nations show up separately)1433/1125
tweaked substitution (decreased limit for artist similarity, compensated with web-based false substitution interface)1428/1124
me + crystal + amy + quad2artist/album
initial (old substitutions)1689/1763

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