Google Reader Play Bookmarklet #

It occurred to me that it'd be pretty easy to make a bookmarklet for the recently-launched Google Reader Play:


All it does is take the current page's feed and display it in the Play UI. You may find this useful when discovering a new photo-heavy site (or anything else with a feed, like a Flickr user page), or when you want to share, star or like an item from a site you're not subscribed to (you can also use the regular Reader subscribe bookmarklet for that).

P.S. If you're reading this in a feed/social content reader, you'll most likely have to view the original post, as the javascript: URL on the bookmarklet link will no doubt get sanitized away.


Hi Mihai,

Nice bookmarklet, thanks.
On small remark/request: could you adjust it so that Google Reader Play opens in a new tab.
(That´s wat the "view in Reader Play" option does as well)
In it current form it´s a bit nasty to return to Google Reader...

Thanks in advance.

Peter Huesken
Very nice. Made a Chrome extension out of it: :)
Doesn't work. Loading the bookmarklet just brings up my recommendations, which I have no interest in. (I'm perfectly capable of finding my own content, thankyouverymuch.) Then again, the View In Reader Play button appears to have the same effect, so perhaps the problem's on their end.
@Anonymous if you've already read all of the items in a feed, then Play switches to displaying recommendations
I'm having the same problem as Anon. Google didn't test Play in Opera, did they ?

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