Decommissioning Mscape Software #

Before I became enamored with web development, I used to be a Mac software developer under the Mscape Software moniker. My first public release (clip2cicn, a helper tool for making the icon resources necessary for Kaleidoscope schemes) was almost 10 years ago, on June 26, 1998. My flagship product was Iconographer, an icon editing tool.

I haven't had time for Mscape Software for about 4 years (the last Iconographer release was in July of 2003, and I last touched the code in early 2004). The site was still up, and I kept receiving registrations (Iconographer was a $15 shareware product). As time went on, I began to feel more and more guilty about not providing any support for (paying) customers. To this end, I have finally gotten around to dismantling Mscape Software, replacing the site with a placeholder with download links for all products. I've also put up a registration code for Iconographer so that the (annoying) registration reminder can be shut off.

I've gotten some requests to open-source Iconographer, but I'm not sure I'll have time even for that. I'm not 100% sure I can build the product given software on hand (it was built with CodeWarrior). Even then, the codebase shows its age (it was my first large-ish project and still uses many Classic constructs like a WaitNextEvent event loop).