Decommissioning Mscape Software #

Before I became enamored with web development, I used to be a Mac software developer under the Mscape Software moniker. My first public release (clip2cicn, a helper tool for making the icon resources necessary for Kaleidoscope schemes) was almost 10 years ago, on June 26, 1998. My flagship product was Iconographer, an icon editing tool.

I haven't had time for Mscape Software for about 4 years (the last Iconographer release was in July of 2003, and I last touched the code in early 2004). The site was still up, and I kept receiving registrations (Iconographer was a $15 shareware product). As time went on, I began to feel more and more guilty about not providing any support for (paying) customers. To this end, I have finally gotten around to dismantling Mscape Software, replacing the site with a placeholder with download links for all products. I've also put up a registration code for Iconographer so that the (annoying) registration reminder can be shut off.

I've gotten some requests to open-source Iconographer, but I'm not sure I'll have time even for that. I'm not 100% sure I can build the product given software on hand (it was built with CodeWarrior). Even then, the codebase shows its age (it was my first large-ish project and still uses many Classic constructs like a WaitNextEvent event loop).


Such a shame. I was visiting the site Sunday the 17 and was going to inquire about a future release but came back today to see the placeholder. Strange but hey, good luck to you in the future and thanks for the free license!
If you open source the code the chances are somebody might well port teh code over to a newer compiler and give the code a bit of a spring clean with no work from you.
Thanks for letting us know though :)

Annoyingly, the best alternative for Iconographer (especially for Leopard) is the Icon creator found with the developers kit on the Mac OS install disc.

We can only hope that someone will make another great app like Iconographer one day...!
I have used Iconographer for ages, and went to the site just to see if anything new was up. Not because of a problem- Tiger on my Powerbook works fine...
I am disappointed that one of my favorite art tools is gone to the ghost. I've made 100's of icons with iconographer.
I respect your move forward. My muse tugs me this way and that- I go because it is the right thing to do.
Hmmm. Now what? I'll keep following you on twitter. And watch for other icon apps, too.

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