And So It Begins... #

These are the programs I'm working on right now:

clip2icns: Tool to take an image from the clipboard and insert it into a 32 bit icon (complete with 8 bit mask). To be released as shareware ($10) when MacOS 8.5 comes out.
current status: almost complete, registration system done today, currently pondering pre 8.5 compatibility (would require writing of my own functions to replace the system ones)

badger: tool to generate system folders based on a badge (little 16x16 logo) and a base folder. Very useful for Kaleidoscope schemers, but limited applicability elsewhere.
current status: feature complete, currently investigating way to make system use the folder icons (as themes) without needing Kaleidoscope, thus further increasing it's usefulness.

nitro: code name for project to revamp my homepage (GUI Central) so that the entire site is generated from a database file. Done using CGI scripts written in Perl.
current status: basic concept implemented, currently converting items (350+) to new format

Icon Mangler: long term project to make an icon editor for the MacOS 8.5 32 bit icons.

current status: thinking about interface, using clip2icns and badger to familiarize myself with the new icon format.

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