I'm Famous! #

All Projects: until now each project had a separate "commonfunctions.c" file which included a bunch of little functions (InitToolBox, DisplayAlert, CopyString) that I've been using in every project since the beginning. When a new project was made the "commonfunctions.c" file from the latest project was copied to the new one. However, since I'm now working on several projects at once the files are getting out of sync. So I've created a separate folder called "common" which contains the common functions, the header file and the needed resources. This way all projects share the same code and I can use a function which I added in project in all the rest.

clip2icns: changed expiration date from October 1 to November 1. My name was mentioned in the Kaleidoscope about box for helping out Arlo Rose (he does the schemes for Kaleidoscope) with making the 32 bit icons.

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