Crunch Time #

Attempted to install and use CodeWarrior Professional 4. The release notes claim that it is Appearance Manager-savvy (this means that it'll take the color of the current theme/scheme), but in reality it's not very compliant. When used with Kaleidoscope it yielded very bad results, mostly because only half of the elements were patched while the others weren't yielding an unusable mishmash. Also, when I attempted to convert clip2icns to the new format, I had to include a few extra header files, since apparently it doesn't include them automatically anymore. This resulted in an increased compile time, and the final application was bigger by 50K.

clip2icns: After the aborted attempt mentioned above, I went back to Pro3. I added the error checking that mentioned two days ago. I've just found that the IconFactory people (who also have an icns tool, a Photoshop export plug-in) are planning to release theirs (they're calling in IconBuilder) in a few weeks. I've looked at some of the icons that they've released and they seem to be compressed, so I guess I better add that too. Here's my current plan for that:

-split up the pixmap in three arrays, one for each component
-call a compression function with each one
-the function would have a main loop that does the following:
go through the data until 3 or pixels of the same color in a row are found,
then first write out the non repeating pixels, then the multiplier and the
repeated pixel

I've just said publically that I will release the program on Tuesday, so I guess I better hurry. There also seem to be some problems with the export to clipboard function, I think because I'm setting the resolution of the output to the right value (I assumed that it defaulted to 72, but I guess not).

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