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hanoi: I've discovered that the hanoi display would slow down after a while because a text buffer was filling up. Since I can't figure out how to increase its size, I'm simply told the user that s/he should resize the window to the smallest size possible (I also displayed a set of guides for the appropriate size of the window).

icon mangler: now that I've pretty much finished everything (although glypher might still need some fixes) I'm finally going to start to work on my main project, the icon editor (currently going under the name "Icon Mangler"). I've established a set of steps that I need to take, so here they are (this is really important stuff).

1) make a new class (editorClass?) which is inherited from my current icnsClass. Allow it to be a member of a linked list, add a variable for storing a window pointer along with it, and whatever else is necessary.
2) Figure out how to make new instances from this class dynamically. This should mean using the new operator, and adding it on to the list. For the actual application, I hope to have it so that you can selected Open/New from the the File menu, and it will make a new icon/open a new one, display it in it's separate window, support refreshes, and allow to have as many icons open as memory allows.
3) Figure out how to have and keep track of controls in a window (until now I've been using modal dialogs, which really simplified things). A simple button for closing the window will do for testing purposes.
4) Make the application appearance savvy (so that it takes the colors of the current scheme/theme, and it can use of all the new controls, such as tabs, sliders and bevel buttons). Until now I've been able to get away with an improper implementation, but this application is much bigger.
5) Make a very simple editing tool (so a pencil). Figure out how to support Undos (do we need multiple undos? how would that work?).
6) Figure out how to do selections (drawing the marching ants is going to be pretty tricky, but hopefully I can find some sample code).
7) Add as many editing tools as I can (brushes, circles, rectangles, text tool, gradients, etc).
8) Keep the code as neat as possible, and comment it while it's being written, so that I don't have to do a long "commenting session" the week before this is due.

Here is a very rough schedule of the timing for this:
1) 11/14/98
2) 11/21/98
3) 12/03/09
4) 12/24/98
5a) 12/31/98 -- this is the most important checkpoint, I want to get some "editing" done before the year is over
5b) 01/07/98 -- hopefully I can figure out a strategy for undos
6) 02/06/98 -- exams are around this time, so I can't that much work done
7) depends on how much time I have until the project is due, must allow a couple of weeks for writing documentation

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