it's the Little Things... #

Today I worked on two miscellaneous things, cursors and key shortcuts. Cursors are rather easy to implement, there are two functions, SetCCursor and GetCCursor (get loads it from a resource, set actually sets the current cursor to a particular cursor handle). However, if you keep on doing SetCCursor with the same cursor value it flickers, so I added a currentCursor field to the class, and I only change the cursor if the value I'm setting it to isn't equal to the currerCursor's value.

Key shortcuts let you switch among tools by using the keyboard. Since I'm trying to make the editor very easy to use for those used to Photoshop, I'm using the shortcuts that Photoshop uses (N for pen, E for eraser, I for eye dropper, K for fill (bucKet), etc. There's also an additional photoshop shortcut, if you hold down the option key the tool changes temporarely to the eye dropper (this is very useful if you're using the pencil tool to edit, and need to switch among colors that already somewhere in the picture).

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