Linux Temptation #

Still can't find a decent interface. I could just put all the icons on the screen on the side (like ResEdit does it) but it would look really crowded. Still thinking about this one.

Fooled around with MkLinux. I downloaded AfterStep, a window manager (window managers handle windows (duh), and this one resembles the NeXTSTEP look). I really like the way it is distributed. Since Linux exists for many (all?) platforms, having a binary for each one would be prohibitive. Instead you download the source code, with a make file. The make file uses autoconf (a tool that's part of all Linux distrubutions) to determine the current platform and what libraries are needed. Then it compiles the source code (using gcc, a free compiler that's on all Linux distributions) and sets up everything for you. It's still not completely user friendly (some applications do not come with a script to do all that at once, so you have to do each step by hand) but it really impressed me when everything worked. If only Linux had a decent (read Mac-like) user interface (and 32 bit icons, since I really like them, and I don't want to throw away my editor), I'd switch. Perhaps Rhapsody (or MacOS X) will provide the best of both worlds...

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