Another Day, Another Bug(s) Squashed #

First thing I did today was to fix an undo bug. When switching between different sizes, the drawing area has to be resized (obviously). However, when undoing this change, the drawing area would not get resized. It turned out that when I redid the size switching part of the HandleContentClick function I changed the order in which the state was stored and the new size was set. While I was doing this I also removed some redundant MagnifySelectionRgn calls, and made the ones left in check to see if there was a selection in the first place.

Then I worked on removing leaks in clip2icns (it leaked about 1K for each icon viewed, and 5K when the current icon was exported to the clipboard). Using Spotlight it was rather easy, it turned out I wasn't disposing of the picture after I had placed it in the clipboard. I had also missed disposing a GWorld.

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