clip2icns Reloaded #

Today I worked on redoing the interface for clip2icns. Until now the insertion dialog was modal, and after you inserted an icon it would get dismissed. So if you were trying to put more than a few icons into the same file it would get very annoying, since you had to keep choosing the file, and go to the proper ID in the menus. So I made the dialog movable (using the experience I gained from the Icon Browser in Icon Mangler), and made it so that the dialog would stay there until you clicked on the close button. Now when you want to insert more than one icon you can move switch back and forth, and not have to select the file every time, since the insertion dialog stays open. I also combined this dialog with the extraction one, since they shared 90% of the resources. Finally I added two more preference options, dithering (used when making the lower bit depths) can be turned on and off, and there is a setting to remember the last selected ID in the pop-up menu. Even though I added all these features, the source code is now 400 lines smaller (and I replaced the ugly macro that I was using for handling refreshes in the dialog with a much nicer function). I wish this could be done for all programs :p

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