Mangler, Seeding #

There was a bug which caused the front-most window to be left enabled when the application was put into the background. This was because I had recently added a check to automatically enable the controls when the current was the front one. However, when a application is put into the background the window was still considered to be in the front. So I added another check, to compare the process serial number of the front app to the process SN of the current one.

I also tried the Apple Developer FTP Seeding Site, and downloaded Apple Share IP 6.1. The only problem was that I was limited to 3 connections, and the FTP client I used (Netscape Communicator) was using multiple connections, so after the download was finished my password expired. I wish I could of used Fetch, or another client which didn't use multiple connections, but Netscape's is the only one that can go through a proxy.

Then I worked on making Icon Mangler more robust. I've started with checking to see if there was enough memory when making a new editor, so that application doesn't simply quit when the creation fails.

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