Misc. Cleanup, Releases #

Didn't have much time to work during these days. I've been commenting the code, and fixing miscellaneous bugs. It turns out that when I had cleaned up the icnsClass code, I had made some mistakes, which I found while working on clip2icns, so I fixed those (I was attempting to generate the mask before I had put anything in the source GWorld). I've also gotten around to releasing clip2icns 1.5 and Glypher 1.0 to the public. Then I added a check for the proper system version (current 8.5+, but in the version that will released publically they will most likely be 8.0+, or even 7.x with the Appearance Manager installed. I'll also most likely be stripping out the 68K specific code (mostly AppleEvents stuff), since it'll just confuse the IB people. The commenting is progressing well, I'm done with the function headers, and now I have to do the actual code (nothing fancy, just cleaning possibly confusing sections).

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