IB Dossier Requirements #

I didn't have time to program today, but I can do the required 3 paragraphs on the required concepts for the IB dossier:

Dynamic data structures:

The main way in which I show this is through linked lists. Since there can be more than editor open at once, I keep track of them through a linked list. When a new editor is created, I add it onto the end of the list. When an editor is closed, I remove it from the list, and keep the links between the previous and the next element up to date. Also, within each editor I use a list to keep track of all the changes that user has done. When a drawing command is executed, the new state is saved to the end of the list. When the user wants to go back, I simply move to the previous stored state and restore it. If the user wants to go forward, I can move forward, and restore the state. If the user goes back, and then starts drawing again, the states that were ahead of it (if any) are disposed since they are not needed any more.

Advanced operations on data structures:

I'm not quite sure what they mean by this. I have a searching function, since I want to create a list of all the icons, sorted by ID (when I get them from the file, I get them in the order that they were stored in). So I insert into a sorted list.


See above.

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