Ro-bust! #

I've been making Iconographer more robust in low-memory conditions. Until now, if the memory was filling up as the user was drawing (since I'm saving the drawing state for multiple-undo support), Iconographer would not notice unless there was a selection active. Also, the checking when creating a new editor wasn't working as expected, since I wasn't initializing certain variables to NULL (why it worked when I was doing the testing for the IB dossier I'm not sure, perhaps the older version of CodeWarrior (especially the debugger) intialized the variables for me).

So far, I have three separate menu commands for opening the three icon types that Iconographer supports (Mac OS, Windows and Mac OS X Server). However, I just realized that I can customize the open dialog, and put in an "Icon Format" pop-up so that a single dialog can be used for all the formats. The reason why I didn't think of this earlier was that the Mac OS Icon open dialog is slightly different (since I need to be able to open folders too) and I didn't think it could be customized.

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