Revulsion #

I really, really want to rewrite the whole application. I was adding more generic support for multiple formats, and it got really ugly. In the first place, I didn't foresee that it'll support multiple formats (the Windows and Mac OS X Server import/export stuff was added over the summer), and now that I treat the pre and post Mac OS 8.5 icon formats differently too, things are even messier. On the surface things look fine, so I think I'll manage to get version 1.1 in a resonable state and release it. However, I'm not sure if the fancier stuff like the floating color palette windows (which are torn off from the color picker) will make it. I guess the best thing would be to use Meshroom and the Apple icon thing (I just wrote to them, the idea of doing what they want as a separate application was favorably received, it's just that they (well the lawyers) want a stupid name like Apple Icon Tool, I proposed Apple Icon Assembler, since that's pretty much what it does) to improve MFrame (e.g. add built-in support for controls, floating windows, and a new way to handle icons, since Mac OS X introduces a new format of it's own, and there's still the Windows one too (they want to discourage people from using the Mac OS X Server one, so I'll just have TIFF importing)) and then use it to do a new version of Iconographer (2.0? perhaps). The thing is, this will probaly end up taking a while, and I still want to do interim releases of Iconographer, because otherwise people will simply think I dropped it. I guess I'll try to make the new features as modular as possible, so that they can be dropped into either version. Now that I'm done with the college applications, doing all this seems actually feasible :p

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