Under-promise, Over-deliver #

Looks like Arlo over-hyped K after all, mainly because the main konfabulator.com server seemed to melt under the load til late this afternoon. Considering that ChainShot had around 6,000 downloads, I wonder how much the main app got. There were other launch issues too, some people seemed to have trouble installing, especially if they had moved their Documents directory. I started to compulsively answer questions in the forum (which means I'm in the top ten posters now) til Arlo woke up from his zombified state. Though that was fun and all, I should probably take a break, I've overstaturated my system with K stuff over the past couple of days.

Oh, and I tweaked NetPulse to support preferences for which window layer it should display at and for tab positioning (h/vRegistrationPoint and rotation are my personal enemies).

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