Getting Pictures onto the v710 #

There's been some hoopla about Verizon crippling the Bluetooth implementation on the Motorola v710 phone. Having recently switched from my T610, I've been struggling with transferring all of my old contacts and pictures (crippled Bluetooth or not, T-Mobile's bad reception was unbearable). Contacts can be retyped, but pictures are harder to reconstruct.

Having signed up for, I also had a account. That account provides a way to upload files and then send (presumably) an MMS message with the pictures of your choice to any Verizon subscriber. However, sending pictures to myself didn't seem to work: the phone would receive the message notification, but it was never able to download the message itself.

I then tried sending pictures as attachments via, using as the destination. This time the message was fully received, but it claimed that attachments had been stripped, due to AppleDouble being an unknown encoding scheme. Finally, it dawned on me to check the "Send Windows Friendly Attachments" checkbox when adding an attachment (this doesn't seem to be an option when using drag and drop to attach a picture, which is what I tried the first time around).

As a final note, the optimal wallpaper size is 176 x 220 (a bit smaller that the screen size since the status bar at the bottom is always present).

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