Greasemonkey Followups #

My integration script was tweaked into a script. Too bad that's the one Evan noticed.

The Gmail persistent searches user script was well received. Apparently it made it as far as ETech:

A popular XUL overlay is GreaseMonkey which the author showed could be used to add features to web sites such as persistent searches to GMail all using client side script.

Drew Amato submitted a simple patch that makes the searches box remember its expanded/collapsed state. Norman Rasmussen submitted another that makes sure the searches box ends up between the labels and invites boxes. Both of these have been incorporated into the script.

Sung Kim has spun off the idea into a Google Scholar persistent search add-on. Scholar Monitor lets you keep track of authors, research groups or topics.

Finally, this is only tangentially related, but Brad (of the LiveJournal fame) has come up with an even cooler use for data: URLs: a shared whiteboard (description here). The whiteboard data is refreshed via a base64 encoded PNG that is returned from the server via a XMLHttpRequest object. Crazy stuff.

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