Gmail and Persistent Searches #

Users of my Gmail persistent searches user script will have noticed that it stopped working today. This is because Google changed Gmail's domain from to, which is not on the script's list of included pages. You can either modify the list by hand (select "Manage User Scripts..." from the Tools menu) or re-install the script by right-clicking on the previous link and selecting "Install User Script...".

Since Gmail's domain changed, and the searches were stored in a cookie (unless you use the modified version that uses contacts), your existing searches are not preserved. To prevent this problem from reoccurring, I've switched to using GM_getValue and GM_setValue, two Greasemonkey functions that were not available at the time I wrote the script (version 0.3 or later required). To recover your existing searches, look for a cookie with the name PersistentSearches set on the domain and extract its value.

Update on 7/5/2005: I had forgotten that my Gmail skinning hack is also keyed on Gmail's domain. I have updated that as well.


Thanks for great ideas and scripts, gmail suprises even more with persitent scrpts!
Hi Mihai,

Just discovered this nice script; thanks !

The colour you choose for the "Searches" box on the left though, isn´t the optimum, imho.
This colour is already reserved for alerting purposes; ie. for sent mail.

In other words: it distracts a bit to much.
Maybe you could change it to green or blue when doing other maintenance to this scriot (if any, that is)


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