Nifty Navigation Widget #

New York Times article navigation widget Widgetopia is a site that seeks to collect interesting UI elements from various sites and applications. It appears to be moribund based on its latest post ("Since I have no time for little widgetopia anymore..."), but today I saw something that made of me think of it.

What was special about this sighting was that it wasn't on a computer at all, but in the print version of the New York Times Magazine. This week was "The Money Issue", and they had a series of articles loosely connected with this topic. What grabbed my attention was the graphic at the beginning of each one, a sample of which I've included on the right. It's a bread-crumb trail of sorts, except it also indicates the relative lengths of the articles (conveyed by the size of the circle). I'm not sure if this is a sign that online navigation design is making its way back to the print media, but it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless.

N.B. my Tufte books are still on my shelf, waiting to be read, thus possibly explaining my ignorance.

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