Google Blog Search Filtering Trick #

Scoble's blog is too high traffic and occasionally too kool-aid-y for me to read, which is why I unsubscribed a few months ago. However, I do want to know when he posts about Google*. Using the recently launched Google Blog Search I can perform a search for all his posts that contain "google" and then subscribe to that search's feed. Now I have my very own filtered Scobleizer.

It appears that this is possible in IceRocket too, but the process is more convoluted. They support a blogId: restrict that could be used to only show results from a blog. The question is, what is Scoble's blog ID? To find that out, I had to search for a recent phrase from his blog. With that, we see that his blog ID is 413, and can set up the equivalent search. Feedster can do it with the inrss parameter, but it expects a feed URL, which is slightly less user friendly than the blog URL. As far as I can tell, Technorati lacks a site/blog restrict operator.

Update: Amit points out that Technorati has a site restrict, so for example this search is equivalent to those above. However, I am not able to determine how to get the from argument into a watchlist, thus there's no way to generate a feed out of it.

* The irony is that about half his posts seem to be about Google nowadays, thus the value of the filter is diminished.

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