410 Annoying #

Russell has stopped blogging, and seems to want people to unsubscribe from his feed. Not content to only return a 410 Gone status code*, he has also inserted a seizure-inducing image into a item with an ever-changing GUID. I'm not sure if this falls under "clever social hack" (since not all aggregators support 410 - including Reader to some degree) or "ugly perversion of HTTP."

* The Reader crawl logs suggest that initially his "unsubscribe now" feed was returning a 200 status code, which made this less interesting.


I just saw that myself. What a dick. If anything, inserting the obnoxious images makes me want to not only retain the feed but pound his server with requests just for spite.
I find it amusing that he still has the RSS feed as a 'link' in the head of his web site - and linked to in the header, making it appear like a normal, sane, feed - until you actually try to read it.
It's good to know that I wasn't the only one that was totally annoyed by that flashing image. For all of the complaining (http://www.russellbeattie.com/notebook/1008765.html) he's done in the past, you would think that he would do this the right way.
It's extremely annoying of him. Grrrr.
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