Firefox and Greasemonkey #

Firefox was just released. This contains a bug fix (perhaps bug 265740, perhaps this security issue, perhaps something else) that gets rid of the crashes when using my Greasemonkey scripts, especially label colors and conversation previews. I have been running with all scripts enabled for the past couple of days and have not had any crashes. Hopefully the same is true for everyone else.

I have also updated the preview script with the latest Gmail IDs, in a similar manner that the macros script was updated.


I've noticed that my memory issues have disappeared also. Thumbs up to Mozilla!
Thanks for updating with the latest Gmail IDs. Changes like that can be the downfall of a lonely gm script. It's awesome that you are keeping it updated in a timely manner. :)
oh thank gods. this makes my life so much nicer
Absolutely solves all the crashing I was having with greasemonkey scripts. Especially with the macros script for gmail.
I upgraded to Firefox (WinXP) and I still get crashes when I have Gmail macros turned on. It seems to happen consistently right after I send an email.

I really miss the macros; hope someone knows a better fix than to disable them!
Thank you for your work, I really appreciate it, but I am having problems with the Gmail preview greasemonkey script. In Firefox, after updating my inbox (deleting or archiving emails) the preview window shows the wrong email when I right-click (it seems to be using the original index of that email of when the page was loaded. So that if I archived an email, the conversation will show the email above the one I click)

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