Facebook meets Dodgeball #

Dodgeball check-ins in my Facebook profile My initial reaction to the Facebook Mini-Feed/News Feed feature was pretty positive. I still don't think it's such a big deal, but the privacy settings they've added in response to the backlash are pretty well done. Because I felt like this wasn't transparent enough, I thought it would be cool to syndicate my Dodgeball check-ins into my Facebook profile, via their blog (i.e. RSS feed) to notes import feature. It worked pretty well (see picture on the left), and it's sort of neat that these two social networking sites are open even slightly, allowing such co-mingling of data.

Facebook currently allows only one feed to be imported, which means you can't have (say) your check-ins, regular blog and link blog all in there. However, it's possible to create a spliced feed in Google Reader and import that instead.

On a somewhat related note, I've set up a scraped feed for the Facebook Blog, since it doesn't have one for some bizarre reason.


Library Bar! Very scummy. Excellent.
Sorry to disappoint, but that wasn't the Library Bar. It was the bar at the top of the Library Hotel, that I thought was called the Library Bar when I checked in, but it's actually something else (Bookmarks Lounge). Unfortunately Dodgeball doesn't provide a way to change the location of the check-in.
> Unfortunately Dodgeball doesn't provide...

I agree that this is unfortunate (we consider sending an incorrect checkin notification to friends an absolute cardinal sin and try very hard to never do this).

You can, however, delete checkins from your history page if you find that useful.
a spliced feed? genius!!

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