Moving my Gmail Greasemonkey scripts to #

Update on 12/17/2012: The scripts now live on GitHub.

I wanted to experiment with's project hosting feature, and I thought an easy way to get started would be with my Gmail-related Greasemonkey scripts. This is their new home. I'm not sure how far I'll go with the "project" part (e.g. whether I would ever give anyone else commit privileges, though patches are welcome), but this at least lets me familiarize myself with Subversion.

I've also decided to actually serve all the scripts from the repository, so that there isn't an extra publishing step when making changes (thus far I don't feel the need for stable versions). There is also a feed for all changes, so this should make it easy to stay up to date even if I don't explicitly blog about them. The feed is generated with an XSLT based on Norman Walsh's transform.

I also took this opportunity to make a few improvements to the scripts. The macros one can now also select saved searches when using the "g" keyboard shortcut (contributed by another user). The saved searches script now namespaces the saved data by the current user's email address. This should enable it to work better when there are multiple Gmail users per computer or Google Apps for Your Domain is being used.


I like the idea of having all of the macros in one spot, thanks!

I tried the new saved searches script, but can't get the search panel to appear. I've tried it on multiple computers, uninstalling the old version first or just installing over the old version...nothing seems to work. Any ideas?
Mihai, Brent over at the GMail Power Users group figured out the problem. Something in the default searches section was hanging up Greasemonkey. I uploaded a copy of your new script with the old default searches section (and an additional onemonthago keyword) to the files section of the group -

Direct link to the script is here:
A gooood idea!
mkizer, thanks for pointing this out, I've fixed the syntax error.
Luke Baker modified your original script to use a dummy contact instead of a cookie to store the searches (something your original blog posting said you'd like to do).

Couldn't you use his code specific to that to update your most recent one to do the same? (I love both, but haven't figured how to bring the searches in my contact list from his, into your newest script).
Here's a new one from me. CC 2.5
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