Switched to Blogger #

Partly because I was fed up with Movable Type's rebuild times, but also for dog food reasons, I've moved my blog over to Blogger (custom domains was the final missing piece). Redirects should be in place and no links should break, but feed readers will most likely see a bunch of new entries (I didn't see an option in FeedBurner to suppress duplicates). Please leave a comment if you see anything amiss.

I'll be writing up more details this coming week about the work that was necessary to migrate.


I like the new design, umm, half and half - the only thing I don't like is that the posts are separated into two columns, but everything else looks perfect. :)
The switch also cause Google Reader to index some of the old posts.
The multi-column layout was my attempt at dealing with long-line lengths now that I don't have a sidebar. I'm considering alternatives, especially for short posts and ones that have tables or code samples.
Nice redesign. Good luck with the new blog :)
what is the reason for switch? :)
Like I said in the post, I was fed up with how slow Movable Type had become (especially when rebuilding things) and I wanted to be more familiar with the products my company offers (I sit in the same office as some Blogger people, so I can give them my bug reports :)
Maybe putting a faint grey line between the columns would stop my eye treating it as a long word break.
thanks :) and i'll go at Blogger as soon as possible: here is more cooll things :) be happy :)
Just out of curiosity did you try any of the documented remedies for slow rebuilds? Also running MT under fastcgi or mod_perl can also improve performance no end. Seeing as you've already made the switch, I suppose it's a little bit on the late side to be asking these questions but I'm curious nonetheless.
I for one LOVE the layout. Could I get my hands on the template? Please?

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