Getting ALL your data out of Quip #

No, Quip is not shutting down. But we did just launch an API, so I thought I would take my experience with doing data export to write a backup tool that exports as much data as can be obtained via the API into a local folder. It's missing a few things (images most notably), but you do end up with a folder with all your documents (rendered to HTML) and conversations.

The tool is one of the samples¹ in our API repository, feel free to give it a spin. Pull requests are also welcome.

  1. The Webhook one is also mine. Party like it's 2009!


I am interested in migrating my data from Quip to Microsoft Teams/Sharepoint
Hi! I have no experience with GitHub etc., but could you give me a rundown of how I would be able to use your tool to export my Quip documents?
@Jay: Sorry, I'm not able to provide support for the tool.

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