Compression: The Beginning of a Grand Adventure #

clip2icns: until now if the user wanted to include (or not include) the old style resources (8 bit ones, which MacOS 8.1 and below used) he/she had to set that option for each and every icon. Due to a tester's request, I've made that into a global option. So I had to add a preferences dialog (which is supposed to go under the Edit menu, not the File one like I've seen in some applications). Since I was doing this I added another option so that the flags (which control if a resource is preloaded, if it belongs to the system heap, if it should be unloaded automatically, etc) are set kaleidoscope style (purgeable + system heap) or not. This way I'm attempting to make the tool less Kaleidoscope specific.

I've also added the feature that I mentioned earlier, a function that does the opposite of what clip2icns does now (so it takes an icon and puts in into the clipboard, with the mask and small versions separate). While doing this I've noticed that the system icons aren't displayed right by my icns class. I think this is due to compression/packing, which I haven't taken into account until now.

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