Preferentially Yours #

clip2icns: Tried to get the search function to work. I had this variable called IDLength in which I was trying to store the length of a string. Well, it was totally skipping that line. Changing the order doesn't help. In the end changing the name did it. Another weird thing is that I was using GetMenuHandle to access the menu, but that kept returning NULL. When I changed that to Get1Resource (and did a type cast of the result to MenuHandle) it worked. Anyway, the function worked, and now people can type in the IDs (how some people manage to memorize 100+ of them is beyond me tho). Since I was changing the naming function, I added another option in the preferences for turning off the resource naming. This adds another field to the preferences resource (which is stored in the "clip2icns Preferences" file in the Preferences folder in the System Folder. When I load the preferences I simply to a Get1Resource and type cast the result, so if the user had a preferences file from an older version it would try load the new field too, and since it wasn't in the file it would fill it with whatever happened to be in memory at that time. Since I didn't begin the resource with a version number (or some kind of identifier to separate the different versions) I resorted to using the resource size to separate between the different versions. Since I just added another boolean, the resource is now one byte bigger, so I check for that and if it's the old version I set the new option to the default value.

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