Creepin' Featurism #

clip2icns: fixed a very minor bug which caused the OK button not to be enabled and disabled properly. This was caused by the fact that I was opening a file, checking for the existence of a resource, enabling/disabling the button according to that result, and then closing the file. Closing the file before changing the button fixed it. I guess the dialog resource got purged from memory when the file was openened, and when it tried to redraw it, it couldn't because it couldn't get the button description.

I've made it so that when the user types in the ID, it selects the proper item in the menu, and it previews it too. I guess I'm starting to get "feature creep", I think it's time to move on to the real project, the icon editor (although in a way I've already been workin on in (ie on the icns class))

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