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[school has started, so things will most likely slow down]

I went in after school and demonstrated the work I did over the holidays. Although it wasn't a horrible demonstration, more things went wrong then than they should have. I noticed three major bugs: when using the icon browser, the selected icon isn't displayed in the editor window (although its ID is transferred); there are menu enabling/disabling problems with the Edit menu, and the contents of the selection are not restored properly when undoing.

[later on at home]

Good news, clip2icns is mentioned in MacPeople, and they even have a sidebar on how to use it. MacLife had a screenshot and a copy on the CD too, but they didn't write more than two lines about it. I've had quite a few registrations from Japanese people, and this should increase that number even more. I forgot to mention a few days ago that the lead engineer of Virtual PC registered clip2icns, maybe the latest version (or perhaps the newly announced Virtual Game Station) will have a 32 bit icon :p

I can't reproduce the Icon Browser bug, but I managed to eliminate the other two. They were rather stubborn, but in the end they turned out to be rather foolish mistakes on my part. The menu problem was caused by the fact that in my haste yesterday to redo the menu enabling/disabling I didn't change some of the IDs when copying and pasting, so the class to enable/disable the View menu still had the ID of the Edit menu. The undo/selection contents problem was more tricky, but apparently when restoring the selection state I wasn't resizing the selection pix to the proper dimensions, and so when restoring there would be garbage if the selection had been moved.

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