Commenting++ #

I've commented some more of the Icon Mangler code. This is what's done so far:
- the icnsClass
- the main.cp (which handles the events, and passes them on to the icnsEditorClass)

The code that remains to be commented:
- the icnsEditorClass (longest one)
- the Icon Browser (must be included, since it uses a search function)
- the compression code (must impress IB people)
- the AppleEvents code (kinda messy, since originally it's not mine)
- the drag and drop code (messy too, even though it is mine :p)

I also fixed another bug in clip2icns, the window would not disable properly when put into the background. I'd known about this since when I was working on 1.5, but I could not figure out a way to fix it, without redrawing the window every second. I figured it out when I was commenting the Icon Mangler event loop; I remembered that when an app is put into the foreground/background it doesn't receive an activate event, rather an OS event. I don't plan to release a new version just for this, since it is only a visual glitch. Actually I think clip2icns has pretty much reached the end of its line, feature wise, unless the users have any more suggestions.

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