Mangler Documenting #

I've started to think about the documentation for Icon Mangler. I was originally going to do it in a DocMaker format (self contained docs, but the layout capabilities are the same as SimpleText's). But in the end I decided to use HTML for two reasons: 1) it provides much better layout control than TextEdit (the Toolbox Manager used by DocMaker/SimpleText) and 2) Apple's new help system uses HTML for the storing of the help files (and the Help Viewer is a mini local web browser), so conversion to the new format (when the SDK is released, still waiting for it) should be even easier, and then the help will be available within the application. Actually I can do that even now, by using AppleEvents to open the help file from a menu item in the app.

The only problem is that the Help Viewer, like most current browsers, has its own little quirks for displaying HTML. I want the end product to be visible in both the Viewer and in Netscape. But this is all secondary, since the IB people are not going to care about such issues.

I've started to work on the toolbar part of the help, where each tool is explained, along with the keyshorts/modifiers. So far so good.

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