Files #

Nothing earth-shattering happening here, but I'm slowly making everything come together. In version 1.0, the open menu item had a sub-menu, with three choices for each of the formats that Iconographer could open (Mac OS, Windows and Mac OS X icons). This was messy, both code-wise (since I had three very similar sets of functions) and user interface-wise (since the user had to know in advance what kind of file s/he wanted to open). The reason why I did this in the first place is because the Mac OS open dialog had to allow you to open folders as well, since folders can have icons too. For some reason I thought that this variant of the open dialog (NavChooseObject) couldn't be customized, so I couldn't add a pop-up menu with the format selections. Now that I've realized this, I've ripped out the old code and now I have a much cleaner way of handling files. The only thing remaining is to do the same for the old-style file open dialog. This is rather annoying actually, since all the StandardFile code will be obsolete with Carbon, and it has a totally different way of customizing the dialogs.

Also on the topic of file-handling, some people are reporting crashes when saving, and I can't reproduce them. I might have to resort to a clean-install, or perhaps trying to open and save a bunch of files.

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