Web Everywhere #

As it should no doubt be visible, I've changed the style of the journal. Now I'm using a CGI backend. This solves a few problems: people looking at it don't have to wait for everything to load, if they're only interested in a specific entry, and I don't have to upload a 35K (and growing file) for each change I make. Eventually, I'll make it so I can edit it online too, and then uploading will be just for pictures.

As it's no doubt visible, I'm staring make a lot of things with a Web-based interface (well, first there's Grendel, and now this). I guess the idea is that you can have access to a web browser almost anywhere, whereas your home setup might be miles away. It's not quite Constellation (Netscape's idea of a few years ago to have a Web desktop, whose contents would be stored on the server, thus accessible from anyhwere, with HTML/Java based apps), but it's good enough for my needs. When I have my own server in college (most likely a Qube) I should be able to do a lot more experiments. For more on using a web browser to create and edit content, see this DaveNet piece (among others on the same topic).

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