'And on the left, we have "Parparita Hall"' #

Map admin project is nastier than I thought. The framework I'm working on is terrible, but I can't change it since it's a stopgap measure (supposedly at some point the facilities people will get off their asses and use the data they already have). Right now it works with three text files which are imported into a MySQL database, which is then used as the backend of the map script. Why not work with MySQL directly, I don't know. And then there's gems like having URLs for departments in a completely separate file, even though they could be just another field in the departments one. Anyway, it's mostly done, all that's left is adding/removing, but given that I have editing working, this shouldn't be that hard.

Edwards was "Parparita Hall" and the stadium was Jiang Stadium for a few minutes today. Tempting to do more since I'm logged into hulk :p

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