Date & Time Google Homepage Module #

Date & Time module The sample Date & Time module for the Google Personalized Homepage is pretty, but it takes up a lot of room. My mom (hi mom!) wanted something that was a bit more compact, with an always visible calendar, and the ability to view months in the past/future. I've whipped up a modified version of the original module that does this. It's also available at the excellent (unofficial) Google Modules site.

To install it:

  • Visit your Personalized Homepage
  • Click the "Add Content" link in the upper-left corner
  • Type in the URL in the "Create a Section" form and press "Go"


i have been coming here for the past month or so, and am just surprised at how much you can get done with enough knowledge of javascript and a few helping languages!

honestly! the stuff you come up with, is amazing :D
keep up the brilliant work!
Cool,care to putup the source of the module?i wanna know how a module is written for Google Personalized Search
Adnan, the module source is already available, just go to the datetime.xml URL that I posted.
Clock and calendar way cool...thanks so much.

Added it to my personalized site.

Hello Mihai, can you help with changing script to start week with monday, i'm not used to see sunday as 1 day of week.
how can i do it?
thank you
is it possible for ur gmail conversation preview to work on
Nice. Thanks!
Hi Mihai,

I am using your clock calendar in my google personalized home page.

Thanks for the code.


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