Poor Man's Google Reader Search #

My girlfriend is subscribed to a dozen or so cooking/food blogs (using Google Reader). She stars recipes she's interested in, but since there are so many that catch her eye, she now has over one hundred starred items. Finding a recipe from several months ago among them is not easy, since Reader does not support search (yes, we know).

Since these starred items are shared (so my mom can read them too), I thought that I could use Reader's JSON output to allow at least a primitive type of searching. The result is this filtering UI. You can either plug in a public label name (of the form user/user ID/label/label name) or a feed URL and a search term, and all items with titles containing the term will be displayed.

This hack uses the continuation token that Reader provides, so that more than one chunk of items can be fetched.


Keep up the good work. Greetings
I just made the leap from using Safari's built in RSS reader to Google Reader. I was wondering what the status is on adding search into Reader? I was browsing the Groups posts and saw you posted in March saying that it is technically difficult... But your team has been putting a lot of work into the new design, I thought maybe search was something you're working on too. (Since this is Google we're talking about, the king of Search.) I really like the greasemonkey script that puts a Reader tab in Gmail by the way - you should push for this to be an integrated feature of Gmail.
Thank you for your amazing blog, which I found out thru Chris Wetherell's plug in The Merlin Show!

I've been using Google Reader more and more recently and I too have found the need to search my feeds.

I have been unable to get your search function to work, even for things that I know are there, so I just wondered like josh if you guys were working on it?

I'll take no answer, as a yes and pray that it's soon! =P
thanks for the tip about filtering. In fact what this allows is users to create a mash-up RSS version of everything in their reader.
Through Google Co-op it's possible to create your own GR search engine. Here are the details:


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