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Already subscribed to in Google ReaderA few months ago, Jasper de Vries made a Greasemonkey script that places an unobtrusive feed icon in the upper-right portion of the screen, allowing two-click subscription to feeds that are encountered. Then, today I saw Pete's Greasemonkey scripts wish-list, which included on it a "You’re Already Subscribed To This" script. I figured it would be pretty easy to take Jasper's script and modify it to add this functionality.

My version of the script adds an overlayed check icon when you're subscribed to at least one of the feeds that the site advertises via auto-discovery. This was made easy by a URL that Reader exports:<feed URL>. It returns "true" or "false" depending on whether the current user (as determined by the Google Account cookie) is subscribed to the given feed.

There are a couple of caveats: The check is not foolproof - sites that use FeedBurner, that have changed their feed URLs since you've subscribed, or that available under different URLs (e.g. with or without www) may not be detected correctly. Additionally, by its very nature, the script reports to Google Reader's servers all the feed URLs that it encounters. The extra-paranoid may not like this. However, an alternative approach (download the entire list of subscriptions, cache it, and use that for checks) would have meant a lot more coding on my side, more than I'm willing to do on a Saturday afternoon.


OMG teh hotness!

Excellent script, thanks a ton!
gm 0.6.4

allways the same error, something wrong?
Yeah, the same error to me.
Yeah I'm seeing that error too, but it's a cool script thanks!
I included a "hide" link in the script for if website that I am visiting contain some important thing for backwards of the icon:

(Sorry for my english)
This script seems to take away the "Feed Settings" drop down button just above the reader portion of Google Reader when on the Google Reader page. Bummer. FF2, WXPSP2
@Marcus, nice one :-)
sound kick-ass... Wonder why you aren't more popular :)

Thank you for the script! I think its the most useful one from all that I use.

Why don't you upload it to This way it would be available to more people, could be tagged etc. I have this page in my bookmarks, but it looks strange that you keep it only on your blog. =)
oh, excellent! great work
I am using chrome version that support script but the above script not working on that due u have chrome version.
exactly what i needed, thankyou

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