Tiled Windows Are the Way of the Future #

Sorry Bill Atkinson. I know you worked really hard to make regions and thus overlapping windows work. But since I now have 30 inch displays at both home and work, I've been tiling my windows and using Desktop Manager (and soon Spaces?) to switch between workspaces. Not having to deal with z-ordering makes mental context switches faster.


You should use the ion window manager. It's heaven.
Back in school, one of my professors mentioned that some study had shown that people were more efficient when using a tiled windowing system because people who used overlapping windows spent a large fraction of their time rearranging their windows.

I haven't gone as far as actually using a tiled window manager (though I've been meaning to try ion, if only to see what it's like). Instead I use sawfish as my window manager and I have a bunch of settings for making my environment "sort of tiled". I've got a bunch of window triggers that place windows at screen corners sized to full-screen, half-screen or quarter-screen depending on the application, and I also have a bunch of key bindings for resizing and repositioning windows. I almost never resize windows with the mouse anymore, and I usually have my windows either tiled, or maximized. (This was what led to Chris talking about "Laurence width" browser windows, BTW. I typically have my browser windows exactly one screen tall and half a screen wide. On a 1600x1200 screen that's only 800 pixels wide -- a little narrow by today's standards.)
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I have a dual 24" setup. One iMac 24" and a Dell 24" rotated vertical.

I use a combination of things to get a virtually tiles experience.

Exposé is absolutely necessary.
I have bookmarklets in my browsers to resize them to handy sizes. (yes, I browse at 800px wide too)
And I use Zooom to move and resize windows. I bugged the developer and had him create a customizable snap-to grid so I can move and resize my windows next to eachother much more easily. I have my right mouse key bound to the window moving shortcut.
So are any similarly useful-looking desktop manager programs available for MSWindows?

Best I've been able to do is a java bookmarklet to resize my browser to the right 50% of my 1920x1280 screen. A good start, but it would be better to have a few layouts that could be applied instantly (via keyboard!).
I have been using Winsplit Revolution, a simple software which un-complicates overlapping windows. Its very useful if you don't have multiple monitors or don't like desktop managers.

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