Bad Headlines #

Headlines seen over the past few weeks on the start page that Verizon forces on its users, and what they refer to in parentheses:

  • "Daily Life is a Struggle" (life in Baghdad)
  • "All Sides Deny Deals" (Iran/UK sailors hostage situation)
  • "Panel Seeks Documents" (Alberto Gonzales' federal prosecutors firings)
  • "Cheruiyot Wins Marathon" (Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot won the Boston Marathon)
  • "Gates: Clock is ticking" (Defense Secretary Robert Gates on the situation in Iraq)
  • "Donkey Becomes Witness" (Dallas man is sued for noise disturbance caused by a donkey)
  • "Dems Predict a Win" (House Democratic leaders predict that they can win a vote on a bill calling for a withdrawal from Iraq)
  • "Candidates to Debate" (The Republican presidential candidate debate)

Someone forgot to read up on microcontent headlines.


Actually, there's nothing bad with the marathon headline, but the rest are quite stupid.
Good observations. I wonder whether computer generated headlines could be less misleading than these attempts?
interesting headlines, without context means nothing
Those reflect such clear political opinion from a corporation.
It's very interesting titles!!! :)
I very much enjoyed reading this. Very interesting and informative. In response to Dan, I very much doubt that computer generated headlines will ever take off - headlines are very important and do not take much time to write - meaning they will be manually done long into the future.
Headlines can exagerate and be misleading. Still, your chiices are interesting and your site is refreshing.
Mihai, wanna say that design of your blog is so great. And yes these headlines are quite misleading.
"Many writers are still to be born and language is isn't conceived" Bad headlines maybe the best headlines for that purpose and moment.Journalism and Politics are related."Nothing ever goes straight".Some still speak in parables and in their own thoughts and minds."Creativity is a good tool"

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