Intern on the Google Reader team #

Having interns has worked out well for the Reader team. Following my blog post, we were very pleased to get Nitin Shantharam and Jason Hall to help us out with Reader development. Their stints on the team resulted in a a bunch of features, and Jason is now back at Google working full-time (Nitin wasn't a slacker, he's just still in school).

We're looking for another intern or two this year. Internships generally last a couple of months to twelve weeks, are for full-time students, and would be in Google's Mountain View, California office. You can work on either Reader's backend (a C++ system for crawling millions of feeds, handling lots of items being read, shared, starred or tagged per second) or frontend (Java servers and JavaScript/AJAX-y craziness) depending on your interests and experience.

If you or anyone you know is interested in this internship, contact me at mihaip at google dot com. This page also has more general information about interning at Google.

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