I've been trying my hand at latte art. Though I have a very long way to go, I've been documenting my efforts, with a hope of learning from my mistakes. Blogger's mobile support makes it pretty easy to collect pictures, and I've finally gotten around to making a decent template for the "blog." is the result. Technically, this isn't a Blogger template, since I just have some static HTML as the content. Instead, it uses the JSON output that Blogger's GData API supports. Rendering the page in JavaScript allows for more flexibility. I wanted to make pictures that I liked take up 4 slots (a layout inspired by TwitterPoster). This imposed additional constraints (in order to prevent overlap between sequential large pictures). The display is generally reverse-chronological starting from the top left, but images are occasionally shuffled around to prevent such overlaps. There is also a bit of interactivity, the pictures are clickable to display larger versions. To help with all this, I've been experimenting with jQuery (also on Mail Trends), and am liking it quite a bit.


Heh. Looks like you've got sort of a Georgia O'Keefe theme going on. Not sure if that's intentional or not ... but nice, at any rate!
Mihai, seriously you need to work on your focusing technique first! Every shot I opened had the MacBook in focus and the latte out of focus! Nice template though :)
Unfortunately my cellphone's lack of a macro mode doesn't let me do any better. And the keyboard in the background is actually a desktop Apple Keyboard (that I really like for its its laptop-like feel).
If you haven't already encountered it, the Milk Frothing Guide on has some good advice. I'd recommend finding a more suitable mug - something with a rounder bottom will help a lot.
A great blog with top notch everything. All the best.

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